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2018 Bilderberg Agenda Revealed

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The annual gathering of global powerbrokers known as the Bilderberg Meetings is set to commence later this week and details about this year's event have just been revealed. The notorious group is so shrouded in secrecy that the location for the 2018 meetings, the Italian city of Turin, was only officially confirmed today after being rumored for months. Alongside that announcement, the organization has posted a list of attendees for this year's conspiracy theory-conjuring confab as well as the key talking points to be discussed during the event.

Considering that many participants in the meetings are major players in the world of politics, finance, and industry, the agenda for the event provides a fascinating glimpse into issues which concern the world's elite. Perhaps the most intriguing topics set to be covered this year are 'the future of work,' quantum computing, and artificial intelligence. This would seem to indicate underlying unease about how society will adapt to the exponential growth of computing power and the possibility that robots may someday displace people in a vast array of vocations.

On a similar note, another area of discussion is titled 'the inequality challenge,' which is somewhat ironic considering that the attendees at the Bilderberg Meetings are almost certainly members of the proverbial 'haves' rather than the 'have nots.' Then again, maybe the 'challenge' is what do about the pesky proletariat. Others items on the agenda include Russia, populism in Europe, Middle East tensions, and America's role as world leader, which is a particularly interesting topic that one wishes they could be a fly on the wall to hear.

That may be the only way any of us would be able to know what was being talked about in the meetings as, infamously, there is no recording or note taking allowed at the event nor are any reports ever issued about what was discussed by members behind closed doors. As to who these people are, most of the attendees' names would be largely unrecognizable to readers, although they occupy seats of power at huge financial institutions and media companies from around the world. That said, there are a handful of household names known to be joining the group this year including Henry Kissinger, Peter Thiel, David Petraeus, and Peggy Noonan.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the Bilderberg Meeting can check out investigative journalist Daniel Estulin's numerous appearances on the program, including the excellent Bilderberg Roundtable featuring Estulin, the late Jim Marrs, and Alex Jones. Not a Coast Insider yet? Sign up today.

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