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3 Moms Each Give Birth to Their 2nd Leap Babies

3 Moms Each Give Birth to Their 2nd Leap Babies

In what has to be an astronomically unlikely turn of events, three different woman gave birth to babies yesterday and each newborn was the mother's second Leap Day baby!

In Michigan, Melissa Croff welcomed her new daughter, Evelyn, in the world four years to the day after giving birth to her previous daughter Eliana.

Nurse Maureen Heinz marveled to the Detroit News that "it's quite the miracle" and that the coincidental birth was entirely by chance.

We can only imagine what Heinz would think if she knew that Croff was merely one of three women to pull of the 'miraculous' Leap Day baby double shot.

Jennifer Ginn of Lakewood, Colorado also found herself accomplishing the unlikely feat yesterday when she gave birth to her newborn son Antonio who will share the rare 2/29 birthday with his brother Giovanni, who was born in 2004.

Rounding out the trio was Meagan Erickson from Minnesota, who has add an even more incredible twist to the numerical madness.

Erickson had her daughter Alyssa on 2/29/2008, another daughter Janessa on 2/28/2012, and a third daughter yesterday on 2/29/2016.

Thus, but for a few short hours, Erickson could have had three consecutive Leap Day babies.

We couldn't even begin to calculate the odds of three different mothers having a second Leap Day baby all on the same day, but if some aspiring statistician can figure it out, we'd love to know.

Until then, we're left to wonder if there is a message behind the three births, since we all know there's no such thing as coincidences.

Sources: Detroit News / Fox9 Minneapolis / Denver Post

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