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395 Birds Killed by TX Skyscraper!

Employees arriving an high rise office building in Galveston, Texas yesterday morning were aghast to discover hundreds of dead birds littering the ground outside.

Authorities say that they ultimately collected an astounding 395 migratory warblers and orioles that had inadvertently flown into the building at some point overnight.

The carnage was attributed to a combination of weather stormy weather causing the birds to fly low to the ground and the building's outdoor lighting drawing the unfortunate animals towards the building.

While the birds' demise is certainly unfortunate, they will not have died in vain as researchers plan to study their remains in the hopes to preventing such accidents in the future.

Remarkably, three lucky birds were found to have survived the strange event and are currently being rehabilitated. Hopefully they haven't seen the film Final Destination.

Source: KHOU-TV Houston

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