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5 Amazing True Stories Showcased on Coast

5 Amazing True Stories Showcased on Coast

Aside from exploring the strange and unusual here on C2C, we often detail incredible true stories from the past which have been pushed the periphery by historians or lost between the cracks during the tumultuous twenty-four hour news cycle. While the veracity of alien abductions and Sasquatch sightings may be debated, these tales are rooted in fact and almost as fantastic as any unsolved paranormal mystery.

  • One particularly intriguing and, thankfully unfulfilled, plot that has been lost to history is Adolph Hitler's plan to assassinate Pope Pius XII. The German madman had apparently grown concerned about the Pope's influence during World War II and sought to have him 'neutralized.' The two week mission is recounted in detail by author Dan Kurzman on the 7/14/2007 edition of C2C.
  • Can you imagine defending John Wayne Gacy, one of the most unsettling and gruesome serial killers in history, in court? Imagine no more as defense attorney Sam Amirante joined C2C on 8/9/2011 to reflect on his role as Gacy's lawyer. The absolutely chilling interview includes Amirante detailing how Gacy came to his office and confessed, in an eerie monotone voice, to murdering 30 young men. An episodes that is pure nightmare fuel and perfect background 'music' for any summer campfire.
  • Thousands of stories have been told about the epic conflict of World War II, but few are as surprising and remarkable as the 'Last Battle in Europe.' This incredible affair, which came at the close of WWII, saw American and German forces actually join together to save French prisoners held captive in Austria! Worthy of a Hollywood film and, no doubt soon to hit the silver screen, the amazing story was recounted by journalist Stephen Harding on the 6/9/2013 edition of C2C.
  • While the Bible may have become part of the fabric of human existence, the actual journey of the 'Good Book' is often unknown to the everyday public. However in a fascinating C2C episode from 6/10/2012, author Matti Friedman discussed the 'Allepo Codex,' a veritable 'first edition' of the Bible that was so venerated that it was hidden for over 600 years in the city of Allepo, Syria. A truly breathtaking conversation which makes the current conflict in the Middle East all the more intriguing.
  • An edition of C2C that serves as ideal traveling material for anyone on a long roadtrip that wants to be scared out of their wits is the 8/1/2015 episode of Coast featuring Diane Fanning talking about the 'Cross Country Killer,' Tommy Lynn Sells. This truly evil individual is believed to have taken the lives of more than twenty victims during a two decade spree of death across the United States. Recounted in tremendous detail, Fanning tells the story of Sells' path of destruction and the events that led to his eventual capture.

Coast Insiders can check out all five of these programs as well as a numerous other classic episodes in our vast archive covering stories that are almost too unbelievable to be true, but actually are.

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