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5 Unsettling Conspiracies Covered on Coast

5 Unsettling Conspiracies Covered on Coast

Despite often being ridiculed by the mainstream media, conspiracy theories continue to inspire countless researchers who attempt to connect the dots, follow the money, and dig deeper into historical events in order to shed light on the hidden forces controlling our world. And, of course, C2C has helped to set the course throughout the long history of the program, providing diligent investigators with a platform to present their cases for a variety of conspiracy theories.

  • Befitting its enormous impact on American history, the JFK assassination has had a special place on C2C, most notably in the form of our annual special devoted to the infamous November 22, 1963 event. Coast Insiders can check out an whopping eight different installments of our JFK Special, featuring over 20 separate guests exploring a myriad of different conspiracy theories surrounding the infamous assassination of John F. Kennedy.
  • A modern 'day that will live in infamy' is, of course, 9/11 and C2C has been on the case since the tragic event unfolded nearly 15 years ago. A relatively early glimpse at the then-burgeoning 9/11 Truth Movement as well as the passionate perspective found on both sides of the conspiracy argument can be found in our explosive 9/11 Roundtable from 6/16/2005. Featuring two guests that backed the mainstream version of events and two guests arguing for a vast conspiracy, the program was unforgettable to anyone fortunate enough to tune in that night or catch it in our archives.
  • One of the more overlooked conspiracies, likely due to how long ago it took place, may be the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865. Another downing of a president which forever altered the course of American history, the tale of Lincoln's demise has become codified over time by historians and the media. However there is far more to the tale of what led up to that fateful night at Ford's Theater and it's aftermath. On the 12/9/2012 edition of C2C, author Timothy L. O'Brien took listeners back in time to the immediate aftermath of the Civil War and the plot which killed Lincoln.
  • While the above cases focus on the potential orchestration of tragic events, the escape of Adolph Hitler is an entirely different kind of conspiracy theory. For decades, rumor and speculation has surrounding the demise of the Nazi leader and many different researchers have offered their suggestions for how Hitler may have pulled a ruse on the world and managed to escape justice. Appearing on the 4/26/2014 edition of Coast, author Harry Cooper presented his argument that Hitler did not die in his bunker as history tells us, but rather fled to Argentina.
  • A surprisingly new trend has emerged in the Internet age is that of the pop culture conspiracy theory. However this celebrity-fueled speculation has actually been happened for far longer that one might think and finds it roots is the notorious 'Paul is Dead' conspiracy theory from the 1960's. The popular urban legend claimed that Paul McCartney had secretly died and been replaced by a body double. Deep in the C2C archive is an 8/18/2003 appearance from author R. Gary Patterson, who discussed the many 'clues' that convinced some Beatles' fans that Paul really was dead.

Coast Insiders can check out all five of these programs as well as numerous other episodes surrounding conspiracy theories in our vast archive.

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