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5 Celebrity Appearances on C2C

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Throughout the long history of Coast to Coast, the program welcomed a number of celebrities from the world of movies, television, and music. And during these conversations, the stars often reveal remarkable interests in paranormal realms that frequently go unspoken when they make the media rounds to promote their latest project. However, on Coast to Coast, they are free to let their esoteric thoughts flow and the results are often quite fascinating.

  • It may be no secret that legendary comedian Dan Aykroyd has a deep interest in the paranormal, but on October 28, 2009, he was joined on the program by his father, Peter Aykroyd, to detail just how long his family has been fascinated by the strange and unusual. The duo detailed how Dan's grandfather actually led a group of spiritualists in Ontario, Canada. Later in the program, Dan also discussed how his interests in the paranormal helped inform his writing of the classic film Ghostbusters.
  • Offering a unique perspective on the world of politics, former actor, professional wrestler, and governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura joined C2C on 7/25/2012 to share his thoughts on corrupt nature of America's two party system. Never at a loss for words, 'The Body' reflected on how the battles between Democrats and Republicans often resembles the stage-managed world of professional wrestling and how that is more likely by design rather than coincidence. An eerily prescient edition of the program in light of this year's presidential election.
  • While some celebrities appear on the program to talk about the world of high strangeness, some stars are gracious enough to join the show to shed light on their own remarkable stories. This was particularly the case when Robby Krieger and the late Ray Manzarek from the legendary rock band The Doors were in-studio guests on the 1/24/2008 edition of Coast. The pair provided unparalleled insight into the enigmatic Jim Morrison as well as the band's rise to stardom during the 1960's.
  • The 1991 film JFK led to director Oliver Stone becoming synonymous with the world of conspiracy theory. Rather than rebuff the association, Stone further embraced the concepts and ideas surrounding surreptitious forces influencing world affairs with the TV series The Untold History of the United States. On 12/16/2012, the famed filmmaker joined George Knapp to discuss the series and muse about how the concept of American exceptionalism has warped the public understanding of our nation's history.
  • When it comes to investigating Bigfoot, one surprising celebrity that has taken up the call is beloved comedic actor and director 'Bobcat' Goldthwait. On June 16, 2013, the Police Academy alumni joined George Knapp to talk about his fictional Bigfoot film Willow Creek and marveled at the vast wilderness that could still be hiding the elusive creature. Clearly an aficionado of Bigfoot lore, Goldthwait even included purported audio from researchers in the film.

Coast Insiders can check out all five of these programs as well as a plethora of other episodes featuring stars from the stage and screen in our vast archive.

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