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5 Great Debates Featured on Coast

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In honor of tonight's hotly anticipated Presidential Debate, check out this compendium of C2C showdowns between experts debating paranormal and conspiratorial topics.

Whether it's the possibility that aliens are visiting Earth or the veracity of psychic mediums, Coast to Coast has got you covered regarding the subjects that Clinton and Trump almost certainly won't be talking about this evening.

  • Perhaps the most memorable debate episode, possibly due to its fantastic title, is the Skeptic's Cage from 1/23/2006. The remarkably prolific program featured skeptic Michael Shermer facing off against scientists Gary Schwartz, Russel Targ, and Dean Radin in a series of debates on the topics of psychic mediums, remote viewing, and the concept of global consciousness.
  • Shermer returned to action in August of 2007 for a debate against iconic UFO researcher Stanton Friedman concerning the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials. C2C aficionados will recall that the 'Father of Modern Ufology' debated the subject in the past on the program during the legendary Great UFO Debate of 2004. Similar to his showing in that debate, Friedman was declared the winner over Shermer by a whopping 80% to the skeptic's mere 20% according to a listener Fast Blast vote.
  • One of the more contentious topics in both the mainstream and conspiracy world is 9/11 and it was the focal point a C2C debate presided over by Ian Punnett on 8/21/2010. The exchange featured Richard Gage, from Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and Dave Thomas, a physicist from New Mexicans for Science and Reason, squaring off over how exactly the World Trade Center collapsed.
  • In one of the more esoteric debates held on the program, physicist James McCanney and NASA astrobiologist Dr. David Morrison squared off over the veracity of rogue scholar Immanuel Velikovsky's theories surrounding the nature of the universe. The Velikovsky Debate proved to be an enlightening edition of C2C which shined a spotlight on a topic that had long been debated in the periphery of paranormal circles.
  • Tackling some of the fundamental questions which vex us all, C2C welcomed Caltech physicist Leonard Mlodinow and spiritual leader Deepak Chopra for a debate over the question of science versus spirituality and what may truly be the governing force behind the universe. Although one might suspect that such a conversation could get contentious, the two guests took a measured approach to the debate which allowed for some truly thought-rooking ideas being exchanged.

Coast Insiders can check out each of these outstanding debate episodes as well as many more programs in our vast archive.

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Image courtesy of cartoonist and C2C listener Frank Blunt.


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