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5 Unforgettable C2C UFO Episodes

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The UFO enigma has proven to be perhaps the most pernicious and perplexing paranormal mystery we've ever explored on C2C. Over the years, we've looked at a myriad of major cases, delved into the darkest corners of possible conspiracies surrounding the phenomenon, and showcased the most prominent researchers in the UFO field. Here are five unforgettable editions of Coast to Coast covering the UFO phenomenon:

  • In a showdown of epic proportions, iconic UFO researcher Stanton Friedman squared off against SETI's Seth Shostak in what was billed as 'The Great UFO Debate.' While Friedman argued for the reality of the UFO phenomenon, Shostak was steadfast in his refusal to accept that ETs were visiting the Earth. Over a decade after the debate, the C2C fast blast results which gave Friedman the win are still cited by the researcher during speaking appearances around the country.
  • Featuring esteemed researchers Linda Moulton Howe, Grant Cameron, Bruce Maccabee, and Bob Wood, the 'UFO Roundtable' on April 14, 2005 looked at the phenomenon from a variety of angles, including flying saucer crashes, clandestine government documents, and just what the aliens might really want. While the powerhouse panel may not have been able to unravel the UFO enigma in one night, the four hour conversation was rife with remarkable insights into the phenomenon and musing about what it all might mean.
  • Broadcasting live from the Roswell Festival for the 60th anniversary of the infamous incident that stands as the unofficial start of the UFO phenomenon, George Noory welcomed an astounding 12 guests over the course of the evening. As one might expect for such an enormous occasion, the festivities included a few interesting folks from outside of the UFO world, including Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actress Chase Masterson and Dean Haglund of The X-Files. For anyone who has always wanted to make it out to Roswell for the annual event but hasn't been able to yet, this episode is almost as good as being there.
  • One of the landmark moments in UFO history was the stunning revelation regarding the existence of Area 51 and the purported alien technology that resides there. On March 22, 2009, George Knapp reunited some of the principal players in that story as aviator John Lear and filmmaker Gene Huff recounted their roles in the infamous event that occurred twenty years earlier. While the veracity of Bob Lazar's story will likely be debated forever, this edition of the program provides a fascinating first-hand perspective from some of the people who helped make history with him.
  • When one discusses UFOs, the trail of evidence often leads to the entities allegedly behind them and what appears to be their nefarious agenda: alien abductions. On the 8/18/2011 edition of the program, Kim Carlsberg presided over a special episode of the program which featured three different alien abductees, including Travis Walton, sharing their own unique ET encounter stories. Additionally, legendary paranormal author Brad Steiger joined the program in the first hour to reflect on how visits from an otherworldly intelligence seem to stretch back throughout human history.

Coast Insiders can check out all five episodes featured here as well as a wealth of other UFO-related past programs in our vast archive.

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