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6 Aliens to Celebrate on ET Culture Day

6 Aliens to Celebrate on ET Culture Day

In the pantheon of strange holidays, today marks a special one for paranormal enthusiasts: Extraterrestrial Culture Day.

Celebrated every 2nd Tuesday in February, the unorthodox holiday was the brainchild of New Mexico state representative Daniel Foley in 2003.

According to his official proposal, which was approved by the New Mexico House of Representatives, ET Culture Day aims to "celebrate and honor all past, present and future extraterrestrial visitors."

In honor of the holiday, here are five aliens worth celebrating on this special day.

  • Arriving on Earth from Venus, Valient Thor is an apocryphal character that allegedly advised the US government in the 1950's and was even declared a VIP by President Eisenhower.
  • According to author Charles Hall, the 'Tall White ETs' were a race of beings that lived at Nellis Air Force base in the 1960's and enjoyed sneaking into Las Vegas disguised as humans.
  • Living underground on Mars, the Unarians are said to have communicated with Ernest Norman, who founded the Unarius Educational Foundation in 1954 to share their insights with the world.
  • The Biaviians were made famous by the late Riley Martin, who claimed that the ET race lived aboard a mothership orbiting Saturn.
  • And we'd be remiss to celebrate Extraterrestrial Culture Day without noting the Sumerian Gods known as the Annunaki, a mysterious race of people that many believe were ancient aliens and created the human race.

Yes, there are many other alien species said to lurk in and around Earth, visiting us from time to time, and sometimes even communicating with fortunate humans.

Sometimes those ETs are blamed for some pretty nefarious deeds, but we overlook that possibility since today is about celebrating alien culture.

Plus, we have ET Abduction Day on March 20th for that.

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