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A Look Ahead to the Tech of 2016

A Look Ahead to the Tech of 2016

Virtual reality, more voice-operated devices, and the arrival of Chinese smartphones are among the predicted technological developments that may become part of our everyday life by this time next year.

Examining current technological trends, the Wall Street Journal looked ahead to 2016 and suggested that two big changes will emerge: more freedom from physical devices and smarter computing systems.

Reliable wireless charging and better cordless headphones as well as an abundance of streaming entertainment services could see couch potatoes detached from the sofa once and for all.

More sophisticated cameras and drones are also among the advancements expected to be available for consumers.

The drive to integrate the internet into everything will increase in 2016, they predict, with household items like washing machines and garage doors finding their way online.

Perhaps by 2017, you'll be sharing a Netflix password with your refrigerator rather than your neighbor.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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