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A Message from Brad and Sherry Steiger

A Message from Brad and Sherry Steiger

Following their appearance on the 10/21/13 edition of Coast, authors Brad and Sherry Steiger reached out to C2C with the following email ...

A warm and hearty "thank you" to all the Coast to Coast crew for inviting us to share our enthusiasm for our current book release, Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldly Beings with your always receptive audience.

George exercised his usual masterful skill at keeping the subject matter at its most interesting levels to appeal to the broadest possible audience and Lex did a terrific job with the artwork. It literally seemed to jump off the screen.

We truly considered Monday night's program to make an important contribution to our reaching a broad audience with word of our new book, which as I stated on air is a project of particular importance to us.

The positive reception to the program proves that not every day is at the mercy of Mercury retrograde.


Brad and Sherry

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