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A Visit to Waco's Haunted Couch

A Visit to Waco's Haunted Couch

Inspired by our story earlier in the summer about a 'haunted couch' on display at a furniture store in Waco, Texas, C2C listener Chris and his girlfriend Joni ventured to the shop to get a glimpse of the strange seat for themselves.

Despite a pair of signs warning customers about sitting on the possessed sofa, the daring duo decided to take the risk and plopped down on the couch, which is infamous for spawning paranormal activity as well as its eerie blood stain and bullet hole.

And, adding one more element of high strangeness to the visit, Chris tells us, "my girlfriend is a sensitive and she knew where the bullet hole and blood stain were without knowing they were there - she felt a tingling on her left side and when she lifted up the left pillow the blood stain was there."

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