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'Act of Kindness' Causes Snake Massacre

'Act of Kindness' Causes Snake Massacre

A woman in China may have the best intentions in mind when she released hundreds of snakes near her village, but her neighbors weren't too thrilled with the act of kindness.

The misguided altruist, who goes by the moniker 'Cool Mandy,' boasted on Chinese social media that "originally we gave salvation to more than 200 snakes, but we estimate that now there are over 900!"

Unfortunately, her mass snake release was not met with the same enthusiasm by her fellow villagers, who promptly took to clubbing the creatures to death by the dozens.

It is believed that 'Cool Mandy' had freed the creatures as part of a Buddhist ritual designed to cleanse her sins and provide good karma.

The ostensibly altruistic act, however, could have had some dire unintended consequences as some of slaughtered snakes have been revealed to be venomous.

'Cool Mandy' also took to social media to claim that she had released her snakes at a different location, so she had nothing to do with the otherwise unexplainable infestation of serpents.

Something tells us that she'll be needing to release a few more animals in order to make up for that highly suspicious contention.

There's no word on whether Chinese authorities will punish 'Cool Mandy' for her snake misadventure or whether the bad karma for the incident is punishment enough.

Source: Shanghaist

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