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Albert Taylor Chat Excerpts

Albert Taylor Chat Excerpts

Albert Taylor(1), an expert in out-of-body experiences (OBE), was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat for one hour on Wed. night. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript(3).

I seem to experience a jolt back into body when I consciously acknowledge that I am experiencing an OBE. How do you get past that to continue?

Albert Taylor
The jolt, as you put it, is the second body, or astral body trying to dislodge itself from the physical one. You must focus on getting out and ignore all other thoughts that might be going through your head.

Do you use any protections rituals before you engage in OBE, Mr. Taylor?

Albert Taylor
In the beginning yes I did, but fear is the biggest obstacle you will ever have to overcome, plus, it is important to realize your own power when you venture beyond the body. Now, I do not have a need to protect myself in advance.

Mr. Taylor what happens when you think you are going to go into an OBE but end up in sleep paralysis? My husband and I are having problems getting out of sleep.

Albert Taylor
"Sleep Paralysis" is the Soul-Consciousness being disconnected from the physical nervous system of the body. You must realize you have another body you can move, but if you want to move your physical body, focus on something small like the little finger first.

How does an OBE feel?

Albert Taylor
It is about the most wonderful and freeing feeling a person can ever experience. When you have one, you discover that you truly are a soul first, and a human second.

If the details of an OBE experience are shaped by one's belief system, how does one distinguish between an OBE which is self-created (out of a belief system), and what might be an authentic experience?

Albert Taylor
The one way to tell between what is real and what is dream material is to travel some place that you've never been while out of your body, then go there in your physical body to see if you were accurate.

Hi Albert, I've experienced jolts but, have you heard of a zig zagging feeling starting at the top of your shoulders downwards through the back area? I've experienced this only once and it was quite a weird feeling.

Albert Taylor
A lot can happen in the OBE, a feeling of being out of control is one of them, strange sounds is another, these are primarily because the individual has not taken control of the experience. It's like riding in a car and forgetting to grab onto the wheel.

What is the best way to start doing OBE?

Albert Taylor
Again, relaxation is the key, getting rid of fearful thoughts is the other. And lastly, practice makes it all possible and more enjoyable.

What if any, are the effects on the physical body during an OBE?

Albert Taylor
The body sleeps, it does not move around like it does when the soul-consciousness is inside of it, so it is important to get very comfortable or you could come back to a body that is in pain from laying in a bad position, other than that not much happens to it.

Is there a risk of not returning from an OBE? Or of having another entity enter your body while you're "out of it?"

Albert Taylor
No, not at all, this is a common fear however, and many people have it. It is also something that you must overcome thinking about.

So, what does having an OBE have to do with spiritual evolution?

Albert Taylor
Everything, your very existence and all that you will ever experience on this planet in this life boils down to spiritual evolution... We all are wonderful, powerful spiritual beings who have come here to better ourselves, and the existence of all we encounter.

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2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/streamlink/about.html
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