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Alex Jones Transcript

Alex Jones Transcript

Documentary filmmaker and radio host, Alex Jones(1) (pictured), was our special guest in Streamlink's(2) Live Chat for one hour last week. Below are excerpts from the Q & A; members can view the entire transcript(3).

Alex, in your Dec. 12 show on CTC, you said that the 1929 crash was orchestrated. Please elaborate and direct me to where I can find more info.
Alex Jones
Many books and documentaries have been made on the subject. The stock market did fall, the media hyped it, the Federal Reserve then reduced the money supply so it was impossible for people to pay off debts.

Conspiracy Dave
Do you only stay away from the topic of UFOs and ETs because you'll be attacked for it by enemies? :D
Alex Jones
I believe there are a lot of mysteries in our universe and on this planet - I choose to cover geopolitical and societal movements and events. That's a huge area to cover.

Do you feel we must call non-stop for our House Representatives for impeachment of Bush and Cheney to stop the war they are trying desperately to start with Iran in the next couple of months?
Alex Jones
Bush and Cheney are puppets, but they still need to be impeached for the North American Union they are setting up alone. The planned attack on Iran is meant to be the beginning of the end for the Unites States - it's a New World Order trap.

Alex, I've been reading the FEMA report regarding fires as a low probability as cause for dropping WTC 7. What official document claims WTC 7 collapsed due to fire with a high probability?
Alex Jones
FEMA and NIST have given five different reasons for the fall. One of them was fires, and they've had to retract all five and now say they don't know what caused it.

I have a question if I may. Can you tell me if there was a response from the prison for the interview (with Terry Nichols)?
Alex Jones
Currently the federal court is blocking the lawyer from getting a videotaped deposition. We'll try to get in to see Nichols, but they are doing everything they can to stop it.

Alex, word is getting out about the NWO, people that I know never cared about conspiracies are sitting up and starting to listen, even mainstream America doesn't buy the NWO flim-flam.
Alex Jones
People are waking up because we are getting down to the wire. Folks know this is serious and that the dollar, the economy, everything is in trouble. When the massive correction comes, it's important to blame the perps, and that's the federal reserve shareholders.

Future Superstar
Alex, when is your next documentary/movie set for release?
Alex Jones
August 2007 - working title - "End Game"

Hi Alex, do you think they will keep crashing the stock market?
Alex Jones
The Anglo-American power faction is not behind the current dip. In fact, the federal reserve plunge protection team is pumping money into the market to keep it afloat. They want to get us strung out a little more before they crash us and consolidate the whole shooting match.

Your report on last's night's C2C was compelling. What's the immediate fallout from the WTC7 collapse story?
Alex Jones
The BBC WTC 7 story is the biggest thing I've seen in the 9/11 truth movement's history. We now have a second BBC report and a CNN report saying that building 7 fell before it had collapsed and now the BBC is involved in a huge cover-up, claiming they have lost all of their tapes, and they are going after every website under the sun who has posted the video, and that is waking up more people than the original story did.

Alex - after what happened last year in Ottawa, will you be visiting this year's Bilderberger location? Rumors have it that it might be held in Turkey. The Canadians were rough enough. Would hate to see you end up in a Turkish Prison!!!!!!
Alex Jones
Yeah, I intend to sit Bilderberger out this year. My new film will be covering them, though.

Alex, I have heard you say that the desired population is about 500 million people. Why is that number important to those in control?
Alex Jones
The elites are a bunch of degenerate control freaks who enjoy exercising unbridled power. They rationalize their evil activities by claiming that humanity is a disease and that they are simply culling the herd. In reality, THEY are a cancer and need to be removed. Humanity is beautiful, and will touch the stars.

So how do we stem the tide?
Alex Jones
Many hands make light work. By first realizing that by everybody doing a little something we will win.

Alex ..I am a sucker for someone who tells their story with confidence ..If you were going to criticize your information where would you start?
Alex Jones
I wouldn't criticize my information - because I'm telling the truth the best I can. An enemy dis-info operative will find small mistakes I've made (and I've made plenty) and then blow it out of proportion. But what they usually do is build straw men - claim you say things that you haven't said.

Hi Alex, I'd like to know what we as individual's can do to spread the word, and get people to realize what is really happening right before there eyes.
Alex Jones
I think film is the most powerful tool we have. There are hundreds of weapons in the arsenal of truth, but emailing your friends and family the Google video link to Terrorstorm so they can watch it for free is probably the single most effective thing you can do. Or even better - get the DVD which is better quality, with the packaging as eye-candy, and they are more apt to watch it.

BBC Con Artists
Alex, there has been a lot of talk about the long count Mayan Calendar coming to an end in 2012. Have you come across that date in any of your Illuminati research? I asked your friend Jim Marrs the same question and he said "there's something there..."
Alex Jones
I have interviewed top anthropologists (one of whom worked on Apocalypto) about it and the real translation states that it is simply the end of an age. A time of great upheaval and change. I don't normally put stock in the esoteric, but it is interesting that if you project world events forward - 2011 and 2012 look like they are going to be wild.

Hi Alex... enjoy your views and appreciate your dedication. Do you ever feel like your fighting a war that cannot be won? As if, the other side holds all the cards and they can play whatever they want, anytime they want.
Alex Jones
My soul wins by doing the right thing. The world would only be a worse place if we gave up and gave in to evil. We must fight no matter what the odds of winning are. But if we stand up and fight, and have courage, humanity has a 100% chance of winning.

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2. http://archive.coasttocoastam.com/streamlink/about.html
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