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'Alien' Claims to be Stranded on Earth

'Alien' Claims to be Stranded on Earth

In a bizarre report filed to MUFON, an alleged alien being tells the research group that he is stranded here on Earth and needs their help!

The alien, who calls himself 'Mogay,' claims that he arrived on our planet back in September following a disaster somewhere in the cosmos.

Unlike the stereotypical grey aliens, Mogay says that his species exists as electromagnetic waves and utilize human bodies in order to attain physicality.

Despite learning English while inhabiting his adopted body, Mogay laments that the United States government has refused to meet with the displaced alien, leading to his decision to contact the UFO organization.

Mogay's report is thought to be the first time an 'alien' has contacted MUFON, which is stunning since the organization was formed in 1969 and one would think some kind of exchange, either real or hoaxed, would have happened at some point in the past.

As can be expected, UFO researchers are largely dismissive of Mogay's story and presume that the report was merely the product of a human with an overactive imagination.

With that in mind, should his story be true, we can only imagine poor Mogay's response when he finds out that no one on Earth wants to help him.

Coming so soon after Extraterrestrial Culture Day, it's really not a good look for humans.

Source: Express

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