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'Alien' Fish Monsters Rain From Sky

'Alien' Fish Monsters Rain From Sky

Residents of Fairbanks, Alaska have been seeing 'alien'-like monster fish rain down on them from the sky.

While of this Earth, the Arctic Lamprey exposes its sharp, pointy teeth around an 'eyeball' like throat and are native to Alaskan waters.

But, during this past summer, they began appearing in parking lots, on car windshields and more – scaring townspeople.

A thrift store manager Sue Valdow, who found an eel in the parking lot, told CNN, "I wasn't sure what to do when lampreys fall from the sky. I've lived in Alaska for 12 years and I've never seen anything like this."

"Have you ever seen the movie 'Alien'?" research fish Biologist Andrew Gryska of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game told CBS. "It's got this gnarly looking mouth, and then it opens up and another mouth comes out. Lamprey are sort of like that."

The Alaskan Lamprey are parasites that feed by attaching themselves to other fish – even sharks.

"They'll rasp away meat and flesh and blood from the fish they attach to. Sometimes they even steal the food that's coming into the stomach of a fish by rasping all the way into its stomach," Gryska elaborated.

The Alaska Department of Fish & Game believe the lampreys were dropped onto the town by airborne culprits – gulls.

The gulls may have snared the monster fish from the Chena River that the Lamprey were spawning in and then carelessly dropped them from their mouths onto the town.

"If you look closely at them they have holes on both sides that may have been made by a gull or some other kind of bird," Mike Taras of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game told CNN.

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