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'Alien Ranch' for Sale in Arizona

An infamous ranch in Arizona that has allegedly been the site of interdimensional alien activity has been put on the market.

Known as the 'Stardust Ranch,' the property is owned by John and Joyce Edmonds, who moved to the site two decades ago.

Since that time, they claim to have experienced a myriad of strange and unusual events at the ranch, including alien encounters, an array of UFO sightings, and unsettling animal mutilations.

Along with amenities like a commercial-sized hay barn and a private well, of interest to paranormal enthusiasts is that the property also purportedly features two interdimensional portals!

One of these esoteric gateways is said to sit at the end of the 10-acre ranch while the other is conveniently located in a fireplace that can be found in the living room of the home.

According to a profile on the property by realtor.com, John Edmonds claims to have "killed 18 aliens with a samurai sword that he keeps in the living room," presumably after they came through the fireplace portal.

It is unclear whether or not the wondrous ET-slaying weapon is included in the $5 million dollar asking price attached to the ranch, but one would hope that it is.

Unfortunately for prospective buyers hoping to have the same 'luck' with ETs that the Edmonds had during their time at the ranch, such a series of experiences is not so certain.

In fact, one condition required for buying the ranch is agreeing to some kind of legal documentation wherein the new owners indicate that simply buying the property does not guarantee that they'll have an alien encounter.

Additionally, since the site has been featured on a number of paranormal media outlets, there's a good chance that the future owners of the ranch will have to deal with curious visitors of the human variety coming to the property at all hours of the night.

So perhaps asking the Edmonds to throw in that samurai sword may not be such a bad idea after all.

Coast Insiders looking to learn more about the strange events of the Stardust Ranch can check out John Edmonds' 1/9/2016 appearance on the program.

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Source: Realtor.com

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