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'Aliens' Invade Immigration Hotline

'Aliens' Invade Immigration Hotline

A newly-created hotline for Americans to report crimes committed by "criminal aliens" became the target of pranksters who flooded the phone lines with ET tales and UFO reports!

Known as VOICE, the system was created by President Trump via executive order earlier this year and officially launched on Wednesday.

Critics of the controversial hotline quickly seized on the idea of calling the toll-free number to, instead, report extraterrestrial activity.

As with most Internet gags, the joke began to spread like wildfire, leading to the VOICE hotline being overwhelmed with strange stories surrounding a variety of interstellar visitors.

A spokesperson for the Department of Homeland Security decried the jokesters for taking resources away from people attempting to report real crimes.

Putting politics aside, one can't but wonder how the ETs must have felt being the butt of yet another joke orchestrated by 'those pesky Earthlings.'

And we wonder why they won't just land on the White House lawn.

Source: BBC News

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