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Aliens Tell Abductee When the World Will End

Aliens Tell Abductee When the World Will End

A retired carpenter in Ireland claims that a stroll home from his neighborhood pub turned into an extraterrestrial encounter when he was abducted by aliens who told him when and how the world would end.

Gerry Battles says that the incident occurred on December 26, 2001 as he was walking home from the Seven Sisters Pub.

As he was admiring the stars, he noticed one particularly odd light emerge in the sky and then suddenly found himself aboard an alien spacecraft.

Paralyzed but able to observe other humans in a similar state aboard the ship, Battles was gob smacked when he finally encountered the alien seemingly in command of the vessel.

"All I remember is his big cone head and his beautiful, ginormous eyes. They were jet black, almost like mirrors," Battles told the Limerick Post.

The ET was impressed that Battles was not afraid like the other abductees and even flew the spacecraft over the North Pole at his request.

During their telepathic conversation, the alien revealed to Battles that Earth was due to be destroyed by an asteroid in 850 years.

The disappointed ET also expressed dismay that humanity continues to engage in warfare and subterfuge.

Additionally, the observant alien told him not to trust politicians or banks, which is likely advice he didn't really need from the ETs.

While Battles story will likely be easily dismissed by skeptics, there is one quizzical element to it which should be of interest to UFO enthusiasts.

The former carpenter had no recollection of his experience until a contractor from the Regional Hospital told him that they'd found his coat on the roof of the building!

After getting his coat back, Battles suddenly remembered his incredible experience aboard the spacecraft.

He hopes that by sharing his story, the scientific community will make a serious effort toward solving the UFO enigma.

Although that is unlikely to happen, perhaps someday in the distant future humans will remember his tale and manage to stop that asteroid from hitting us.

Source: Limerick Press

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