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Alleged Abductee Claims to Have ET Photos

Alleged Abductee Claims to Have ET Photos

An Illinois woman claims to have over three dozen photographs that mysterious appeared on her cell phone following an alleged abduction experience.

The anonymous abductee recounted how she got up in the middle of the night to have a cigarette and then suddenly found herself waking up on her kitchen floor hours later.

A few days after that, she noticed that her cell phone contained 40 photos that she had no memory of taking during her period of 'missing time.'

Unfortunately, the images are relatively indecipherable and considerably blurry, although one image does appear to capture some kind of humanoid entity.

Whether that being is the woman's boyfriend or an ET remains up for debate.

The case came to light after the woman submitted a report to the Mutual UFO Network asking them to examine the photos.

A sampling of the strange images can be found here.

Based on our brief perusal of the photos, it would appear that aliens may have mastered interstellar travel but they are still struggling with the art of selfies.

Source: The Express

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