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Alleged Assassin Has Bizarre Claim

Alleged Assassin Has Bizarre Claim

The strange murder of Kim Jong-un's half-brother in Malaysia earlier this week has taken another weird turn after his suspected assassin claimed she is a rather unique patsy.

Siti Aisyah, the Indonesian woman arrested for killing Kim Jong-nam, allegedly told authorities that she had been duped into thinking she was filming a TV show!

According to Indonesian authorities, Aisyah says she was recruited to perform a 'prank' where she had to convince men to let her spray water in their face for a cash prize.

After successfully pulling off the feat a few times, the purportedly unsuspecting woman was ostensibly steered towards Kim Jong-nam and sprayed him with a concoction that was poisonous.

Considering that the Kuala Lampur airport is probably covered with cameras, one would assume that Aisyah's story will be investigated to see if it is true.

Should that turn out to be the case, the unwitting woman will have been ensnared in a truly diabolical plot that is rather remarkable in its intricacy.

So if you are ever approached by a TV production company asking you to prank someone, you may want to politely pass on the opportunity lest you get wrapped up in a geopolitical power play orchestrated by an infamous dictator.

Source: The Guardian

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