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Alleged Former Navy Officer Shares UFO Secrets

Alleged Former Navy Officer Shares UFO Secrets

An anonymous man claiming to be a former Navy officer has come forward with alleged insights into UFOs that he purportedly learned during his time in the service.

He contends that he was able to examine thousands of documents using his Top Secret clearance at the time and saw photos of UFOs as well as alien beings.

The potential whistleblower also said that a senior officer, who was stationed at the Bentwaters Air Force Base during the Rendlesham Forest Incident, imparted a wealth of information to him about the infamous UFO event.

Perhaps most chilling is that the man explained that he chose to be anonymous because he knew of other military personnel who had spoken out about UFOs and been murdered for it.

Although his story may seem too fantastic to be believed, it has apparently drawn the interest of former UK MOD UFO investigator Nick Pope.

On his Facebook page, Pope explained his involvement in the case, "I've been in direct contact with the individual concerned for some time now. I'm working with him and with the newspaper [The Express] to try to find a way forward that will involve verifying the person's identity, and verifying the information. "

Pope went on to say that "I have never endorsed the unauthorized release of classified information, and a key priority will be to seek assurances that any release is both lawful and proper."

So while the story may have drawn snickers from skeptics, it appears that there is a serious effort underway to see if the tale is actually true.

Hopefully that turns out to be the case instead of discovering that it was all just a flight of fancy from an X-Files fan.

Source: The Express

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