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America's 10 Most Haunted Parks

America's 10 Most Haunted Parks

While houses, prisons, and churches are often the scene of infamous hauntings, it appears that some ghosts prefer the great outdoors.

The website ListVerse has put together a collection of the most haunted parks in America and each boasts their own chilling history of high strangeness.

Griffith Park of Los Angeles is said to contain countless ghosts of varying disposition, including a spirit seen frolicking on playground equipment and an eerie black-eyed humanoid.

The site may be a safe haven for spirits because it was said to be cursed by the family of the park's original owner, Don Antonio Feliz.

A 1973 killing spree in the Gitchie Manitou State Preserve of Iowa appears to have laid the groundwork for a number of paranormal happenings reported within the park.

Meanwhile, if you are visiting Jackson Park in Atchinson, Kansas, you may encounter a spirit named 'Molly' that is said to occupy the location.

Although there are various local legends as to who Molly was, a number of witnesses claim to have had the horrifying experience of hearing someone shout the girl's name and seeing an apparition of a body hanging from a tree.

Other chilling venues from the list include Hummel Park in Nebraska, which is believed to be the site of frequent Satanic ritual, Hard Labor Creek State Park in Georgia, where the ghost of a young boy has been spotting playing with a red ball, and Sunrise Park in Illinois, the site of numerous strange disappearances.

Check out the complete compendium and, if you're brave enough, perhaps there's a haunted park near you that's waiting to be explored.

Source: ListVerse

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