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An Incredible Quest to See Siberia's Nessie

An Incredible Quest to See Siberia's Nessie

An indefatigable Siberian man has spent over 100 days living in treacherous conditions with the hopes of catching a glimpse of a legendary creature known as the Labynkyr Devil.

Also known by the less terrifying name of Siberia's Nessie, the 'sea monster' said to reside in Lake Labynkyr rose to prominence in the 1950's after a Soviet scientist wrote about the creature.

Since that time, teams of researchers have ventured to the remote location looking for evidence that the Labynkyr Devil actually exists, but their investigations have proven fruitless.

That said, sonar examinations of the lake appeared to indicate that there was, indeed, something large seemingly lurking beneath its waters.

Nonetheless, the Labynkyr Devil remains elusive and speculative to this day, although one man is hoping he can help solve the mystery.

Survival instructor Andrey Solovyev became intrigued by tales of the Labynkyr Devil and decided to live at the lake for the duration of the winter.

Making his residence in a small cabin, Solovyev subsists on fish and wild onions while braving extreme temperatures that can drop as low as -58 degrees Fahrenheit.

During the day, Solovyev explores around the lake looking for signs of the Labynkyr Devil or possibly even the creature itself.

Remarkably, he says that the hardest part of the unorthodox vigil is the solitude rather than the harsh weather conditions.

As to the whether his quest has been successful, Solovyev concedes that he has yet to definitively see the Labynkyr Devil, but has had a handful of suspicious moments.

The survivalist says that the caught sight of a strange dark object emerging from the water a few weeks ago and had a tantalizing experience with his fishing nets back in September.

According to Solovyev, something massive managed to tear huge holes in fishing nets that he had placed in the water, tearing them to shreds.

Considering the commitment he has shown so far, hopefully Solovyev will encounter the creature at least once before his stay at Lake Labynkyr comes to an end, since he's certainly earned it.

Source: Siberian Times

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