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Ancient 'Thinker' Statue Discovered

Ancient 'Thinker' Statue Discovered

An amazing clay figurine unearthed by archaeologists in Israel bears a striking resemblance to the iconic Rodin statue 'The Thinker.'

The nearly 4,000-year-old piece was miraculously found by researchers on the last day of an excavation at a building site prior to the start of construction.

The lead archeologist on the dig marveled at the incredible detail of the sculpture and noted that nothing quite like it had ever been discovered in the past.

Measuring seven inches tall, the pensive statue sits resting atop a jug with his hand against a face that sports saucer-like eyes which seemingly stare into oblivion.

While one can only speculate on the thoughts that plagued the tiny clay figure, it's rather wondrous that the little statue managed to reach across millennia to amaze us in modern times with its poetic pose.

Source: Times of Israel

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