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Anomaly Hunters Spot 'Alien' on the Surface of Mars

An anomaly hunter scouring NASA images of Mars suspects that he may have discovered some kind of alien on the surface of the Red Planet.

The weird find was noticed in a photo taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover and shows a formation that resembles a humanoid figure, complete with a head and limbs.

In keeping with the wildly speculative world of anomaly hunting, the nature of the potential alien has spawned considerable debate over whether it is alive or dead, since the image only presented a still picture of the scene.

However, as one might expect, skeptics are more unified in their response, saying that the 'Martian' is only the product of pareidolia.

Adding another layer of strangeness to the story, the anomaly hunter who originally found the 'alien' now says that his work has raised the ire of the CIA as well as the NSA and that they are targeting him.

Revealing this concern to British newspaper Express, the researcher theorized that he has gotten too close to the truth and that the 'powers that be' are now trying to undermine him.

He proposed that this is being done by way of UFO debunkers either working at the behest of the intelligence community or simply undercover agents posing as online critics.

In more quaint times, such a scenario might sound like extreme paranoia, but considering the current climate surrounding shady spies and murky intelligence antics, one can only wonder.

Source: Express

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