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Anomaly Hunters Spot Dome on Mars

Anomaly Hunters Spot Dome on Mars

Martian anomaly researchers are touting the alleged discovery of a mysterious dome resting on the horizon of the Red Planet.

The strange structure was found in the distant background of a photograph transmitted by the Curiosity Rover.

Researchers point to the strange shine which appears to be emitted from the object as evidence that it is a metallic or artificial structure rather than simply a natural phenomenon.

Believers in an ancient Martian civilization contend that the dome is yet another sign that the Red Planet was once home to an advanced race of people who built a variety of structures which are only now being discovered.

Rogue science advocate Mike Bara discussed a myriad of similar Martian anomalies during his appearance on the 9/29/15 edition of C2C, including a rat-like creature as well as a gorilla!

Source: Yahoo News

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