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Anomaly Hunters Spot Shoe on Mars

Amidst the seemingly barren landscape of Mars, anomaly hunters believe they have found evidence of a Martian shoe sadly sitting on the surface of the Red Planet.

The image was taken by the Mars rover in 2013, but only recently discovered over the last few days.

It joins a long litany of suspected artifacts allegedly 'hiding in plain sight' in NASA images of the Red Planet, including an eerie 'dark lady,' a dome, and even a handgun.

As is custom, conspiracy theorists have already concocted a fantastic backstory for the shoe, suggesting that is somehow evidence of a species at war on the Red Planet.

While we certainly cannot rule that out, it's also entirely possible that the shoe was lost by a drunken Martian or, depending on the scale of the image, an ornery toddler having a tantrum.

It also could just be a rock that only appears to be a shoe thanks to our old friends light, shadow, and pareidolia.

Nonetheless, in the spirit of rampant speculation, we'd like to note that the 'shoe' looks suspiciously like a Croc, making us suspect that Martians may not have been as cool as previously thought.

For a more serious discussion of odd Martian anomalies, Coast Insiders can check out rogue science advocate Mike Bara talking about a myriad of Martian anomalies during his appearance on the 9/29/15 edition of C2C, including a rat-like creature as well as a gorilla!

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Source: Daily Mail

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