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Anomaly Hunters Spot 'Tree Stump' on Mars

Rogue researchers scouring NASA images for signs of past life on Mars believe they may have discovered evidence of an ancient tree stump on the Red Planet.

The puzzling anomaly was spotted in a photo taken from the Mars Curiosity Rover by YouTube channel Paranormal Crucible.

In their description of the oddity, they suggest that the potential stump is about three feet tall and likely petrified.

The channel goes on to argue that it is logical to assume that the anomaly is a tree stump because there have already been "numerous discoveries of plant and animal life on Mars."

NASA and skeptics beg to differ, of course, and say that such 'discoveries' are merely the products of pareidolia.

However, should they be wrong and the stump is really what it appears to be, the familiar nature of the find raises an even more troubling question: does this mean that there are no forests on flat Mars?

Source: Fox News

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