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Antarctic Ice May Be Hiding Enormous Lake

Antarctic Ice May Be Hiding Enormous Lake

New research using satellite imagery may have uncovered a massive lake lurking beneath the ice at Antarctica.

The discovery was derived after scientists noticed a peculiar series of channels on the ice which they believe indicates a body of water beneath the surface.

Based on their measurements of the area, the researchers believe that the lake measures an incredible 60 miles long and 6 miles wide.

If confirmed, it would be second largest subglacial lake found at the frozen continent.

Making the potential find even more fantastic is that it is located near a research station and, thus, would be easily accessible for scientists stationed there.

The scientists behind the project plan to study new ice-penetrating radar images of the area in order to confirm the find.

Should the lake be proven to exist, it could represent an unparalleled bounty for biologists, since the water may be home to any number of unique species which have lived in solitude beneath the ice for millions of years.

We can only imagine their surprise when, after all these years, someone come knocking on the ice to see if anyone is home down there.

Source: New Scientist

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