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App Adds 'Pokemon Go' Style Messages to Graves

App Adds 'Pokemon Go' Style Messages to Graves

A Japanese company has created an app akin to Pokémon Go that allows its users to imprint virtual messages at their graves to comfort future mourners.

The ingenious and somewhat macabre use of augmented reality was devised by the president of a tombstone company, of course.

Yoshiyuki Katori explained that he conceived of the concept while visiting the grave of his uncle that had suffered a sudden death.

Left with no proper way to say goodbye, Katori would visit his grave and long for some kind of message from his departed uncle.

After mulling the idea over for a few years and waiting for technology to improve, Katori finally realized his dream via the 'Spot Message' app.

The program provides a way for users to insert themselves into an augmented reality where loved ones could visit their final resting place and be greeted by a message from beyond the grave.

Aside from images and videos from those in the afterlife, Katori envisions the app being used by the living as a way of leaving messages in specific locations for anniversaries and other events.

Nonetheless, given that it's primary purpose appears to be aimed at afterlife messages, we suspect that users of the app will not be particularly eager to 'collect them all.'

Source: Oddity Central

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