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Are Black Holes The Key To Interstellar Travel?

Are Black Holes The Key To Interstellar Travel?

There’s good news and bad news for anyone who hoped that black holes could hold the secret to interstellar travel. Scientists put forth a new theory this week that black holes could be a doorway through spacetime, but you would be unlikely to survive the experience.

For a long time, scientists have believed that any matter that enters into a black hole would be destroyed, the gravity inside being so dense that the laws of physics no longer apply.

But that may not be true.

According to The Independent, scientists at the University of Valencia propose that at the heart of a black hole "is a very small spherical surface" that could be a "wormhole" through time and space.

Unfortunately, any traveller would become “spaghetiffied” - their body stretched so thin in order to pass through the doorway that they would resemble a spaghetti noodle or piece of string.

Dr Gonzalo Olmo said, "Our theory naturally resolves several problems in the interpretation of electrically-charged black holes.”

"In the first instance, we resolve the problem of the singularity, since there is a door at the centre of the black hole, the wormhole, through which space and time can continue.”

Where would you end up? What happens on the other side of the door? The answers will likely be left to science-fiction authors and Hollywood blockbusters for the foreseeable future.

Read More: The Independent

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