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Are Rich Americans Getting Secret Brain Implants?

Are Rich Americans Getting Secret Brain Implants?

An unorthodox presidential candidate is making some strange claims surrounding wealthy Americans and clandestine brain implant technology.

According to Zoltan Istvan, the 'Transhumanist Party' candidate we told you about last December, two powerhouses in the artificial intelligence field intend to secretly get brain surgery to receive a mysterious implant.

What exactly the 'cranial chip' may provide for these ambitious and possibly foolhardy computer geniuses remains open to speculation.

However, Istvan mused to The Mirror, "The technology will allow them to carry out basic conversations. That's how far this telepathy idea has come."

Allegedly, the plan, which has been in the making for three years, involves flying to Central America to get a doctor to perform the surgery under the cloak of silence.

Clearly a champion of science over all else, Istvan refuses to divulge their identities, lest their elaborate plot be foiled.

Whether this surreptitious surgery ever happens or is merely wishful thinking on the part of tech dreamers remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, is there any doubt that, in a few decades, this story will seem quaint because everyone will have brain implants?

Source: Mirror

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