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Are Starbucks Misspellings Really Mistakes?

A clever new conspiracy theory suggests that baristas at Starbucks purposely misspell customers' names on their cups as part of a sly marketing scheme.

The coffee chain's penchant for misspelled names has become infamous over the years, especially as amused customers began sharing their personalized errors on social media.

However YouTube user Super Deluxe argues that this trend may not be entirely organic, noting that the 'hilarious' cups always feature the Starbucks logo and, thus, double as a subtle ad for the brand.

While this may seem hard to believe, they actually put the theory to the test by sending a woman named Molly to five different Starbucks locations to see whether the idea might have merit.

Incredibly, only two places spelled her name 'Molly,' while the other three opted for 'Molli, 'Mali,' and 'Mommy.'

Considering the relatively obvious spelling of 'Molly,' the surprising number of errors makes the theory sound almost more plausible than the possibility that all three locations got the name wrong.

While, in the parlance of Starbucks, it may not be a Venti-sized conspiracy, it is somewhat disconcerting to think that a corporation just might be messing with your mind when all you want is your morning coffee.

Source: Eater

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