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Argentinian UFO Study Disappoints

Argentinian UFO Study Disappoints

The findings from a four-year study of UFOs by the Argentinian government indicates that the mysterious commission did little to actually decipher the enigmatic phenomenon.

Created in 2011, the Commission for the Study of Aerospace Phenomena allegedly employed a vast array of scientists and experts devoted to examining UFO sightings in Argentina.

However, the final report produced by the group reveals a stunning lack of actual investigation.

According to the 12-page paper, the commission studied a mere ten UFO cases over the course of four years.

Of those ten cases, experts determined that the reported UFOs were prosaic objects such as Jupiter, birds, a helicopter, the ISS, and, incredibly in one instance, only a soccer ball.

The disappointing and suspicious findings seem to have been an embarrassment for those behind the project, since the final report was released with no fanfare and simply posted on a random army website.

Critics of the commission suggest that it was actually a vehicle for cronyism and corruption in the Argentinian government rather than a real study of the UFO phenomenon.

Whether that proves to be the case or not, the dismal effort is a blow to UFO disclosure activists hoping for an honest investigation of the phenomenon from countries outside of the American sphere of influence.

Source: PanAmPost.com

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