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Armed Clowns Terrify Kids in PA

Armed Clowns Terrify Kids in PA

After fading from the zeitgeist last fall, a recent incident in Pennsylvania has taken the creepy clown phenomenon to a disturbing new level.

Over the weekend, a group of children in the town of West Mifflin reportedly encountered a menacing pair of armed clowns!

As they were playing in a wooded area near the homes on Saturday afternoon, the kids suddenly spotted the two unsettling harlequins and quickly ran away with the clowns in hot pursuit.

While one might dismiss the story as simply a fanciful tale dreamt up by some bored kids, it seems that their experience was genuine.

One of their parents, who met them when they came running home in hysterics, also witnessed the unnerving strangers.

"I looked over and they showed me where they were and there’s two guys running up a hillside," Michael Milkowski told TV station KDKA.

According to both Milkowski and his son, one of the clowns brandished a pipe while the other was armed with a shotgun.

A subsequent visit from police produced no sign of the worrisome jesters, but authorities plan to increase patrols in the area in the hopes of catching the clowns.

Although the individuals behind the caper may have gotten a thrill from their hijinks, they would be smart to quit while they are ahead, since running around with a shotgun while dressed as a clown can almost certainly not end well for anyone.

Source: KDKA

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