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Army Veteran Shares Roswell Revelations

Army Veteran Shares Roswell Revelations

An anonymous US Army veteran has come forward with stunning revelations surrounding a dramatic UFO event which occurred near Roswell in the 1970's.

The man, who reported his case to MUFON, claims that he was serving in the US Army Air Defense and was sent for military maneuvers to an area just outside of Rowell in July of 1971.

During the operation in New Mexico, he and a whopping 500 of his compatriots spotted two UFOs in the night sky.

According to the witness, these objects hovered in the area for five hours and were still visible when the troops went to eat in the morning.

The UFO event, he said, was the prime topic of conversation amongst the soldiers during breakfast and the craft remained visible in the sky throughout the morning until sunlight obscured them from view.

Based on the expertise of his unit, the man insisted that he and his fellow air defense specialists were well-versed in the different types of aircraft that might be flying in the sky and, thus, the UFOs were not merely a misidentification.

In his report on the experience, the witness mused that the event has been a fixture of his memory since it happened and will likely remain a vivid recollection until his final days on this Earth.

Presuming the veteran's tale is true, then there should be hundreds of additional witnesses to the UFO event and, hopefully, some of them will come forward now that the veil of secrecy surrounding it has begun being lifted.

Source: The Express

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