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Artist Seals Himself Inside Boulder

A French performance artist is the currently in the midst of an odd display in which he has been sealed inside of a boulder for the next week.

Abraham Poincheval was entombed in the 22-ton rock on Wednesday, resting inside of a small space carved into the stone.

Able to breathe via holes drilled into the boulder and possessing supplies for seven days, the artist will sit inside the giant stone as gawkers observe the spectacle at a museum in Paris.

Ever the artist, Poincheval pontificated that the performance is designed to be "an inner journey to find out what the world is."

It may take some time to find out whether the experience provides Poincheval with any answers, since he plans to immediately embark on his next performance upon being freed from the boulder.

In that endeavor, he actually intends to spend a month sitting on eggs until they hatch, which may cause his boulder-induced insights into the nature of the world to be taken less than seriously.

That said, Poincheval can take pride in the fact that few critics can lambast his art with the infamous exclamation "my kid could do that," because there's no way any youngster could sit still that long.

Source: UPI

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