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Astrobiologists Say Aliens Are Probably Extinct

Astrobiologists Say Aliens Are Probably Extinct

In what may be the most heartbreaking assessment of the ET enigma ever put forward, a group of astrobiologists in Australia have proposed that we have found no sign of aliens in the universe is because they would have gone extinct long before we could meet them.

They argue that the life on other planets, if it ever exists, it would evolve too slowly to adapt to the environment of its home.

These pioneering creatures would likely be rudimentary life forms without the ability to play a role in changing the atmosphere of their world and, thus, perish due to its harsh conditions.

Life on Earth was made possible, the researchers suggest, because our microbial ancestors managed affect the climate of the planet and kick off a chain of evolutionary events that ultimately led to where we are today.

The tiny life forms on other planets were simply not as lucky, the astrobiologists surmised.

Calling their theory the 'Gaian Bottleneck,' they predict that the universe is filled with fossils of aspiring aliens who never made it past the microbial stage.

To those would-be ETs, we salute you.

Source: The Week

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