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Australian Politician Cries Foul Over Funds for UFO Group

Australian Politician Cries Foul Over Funds for UFO Group

The paranormal and politics are poised to collide in Australia following revelations that a UFO research group has been receiving government funding.

The country's Social Services Minister, Christian Porter, raised concerns after he learned that an organization known as the Tuggerah Lakes UFO group were twice awarded grants by the government, in 2013 and this past year.

Clearly no fan of flying saucers, Porter has put a hold on the group's latest funding pending a review of their paperwork.

However, like Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters, the frugal politician may be making mountains out of mashed potatoes, as the Tuggerah Lakes group was only set to receive a meager $2,000 from the government.

And, even worse, the organization says that they use those funds to transport elderly group members to meetings as well as procure microphones and projectors so that the seniors can participate in the discussions.

So while Porter's penny pinching may be celebrated by skeptical citizens who decry government funds going towards a UFO research group, the politician may be wise to weigh the political cost of crossing constituents trying to enjoy their golden years.

With that in mind, one hopes that cooler heads can prevail and that the check will soon be in the mail for the Tuggerah Lakes UFO group.

Source: Express Advocate

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