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Australian 'SOS' Mystery Solved

Australian 'SOS' Mystery Solved

It appears that the source for the mysterious SOS signal discovered by Australian authorities last month has been found.

Spotted by a helicopter pilot flying over a remote location in Western Australia in late May, the puzzling cry for help spawned a frantic search of the area that failed to find anyone in distress.

Fortunately, it would seem that the case has now been solved and it apparently involves a tale worthy of the eerie signal.

Having seen the story of the mystery SOS circulating in the media, a man contacted police in Australia and identified the sign-maker as his brother.

According to this individual, the signal had actually been created back in 2013 when his brother was aboard a yacht which crashed in the area.

Along with a female companion, the man was able to safely board a life raft ... that was then attacked by crocodiles!

Managing to escape that predicament, the duo eventually made to shore, where they spent several days waiting for help to arrive and formed the SOS signal during that time.

Investigators say that they've been provided photos for the sign from the 2013 event by the man's brother and are hoping to speak with him soon, although he is currently at sea and unable to communicate with them.

While the mystery of the SOS signal may be solved, it does raise a few other questions, such as why it took 4 years for someone to see it as well as what kind of foolhardy individual returns to sea after surviving both a yacht sinking and a crocodile attack.

Source: ABC.net.au

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