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Australian Town Faces Their Paranormal Fears

Australian Town Faces Their Paranormal Fears

An Australian community recently gathered together for a unique event aimed at shedding the town's reputation for hauntings and creature encounters.

Local legend has long claimed that the town of Joskeleigh in Queensland is home to a variety of ghosts which roam the streets at night.

The community also became infamous over the years as an alleged stomping ground for the yowie, which is Australia's version of Bigfoot.

The stories have become so well known in the area that some outsiders refuse to even visit Joskeleigh or, if they do, they leave the town before nightfall.

Concerned by this development, a group of residents decided that they needed to take action and organized a moonlight walk through the town in an effort to assuage fears about the community.

Over 200 people attended the event, which saw participants explore a nearly-two-mile stretch of road that is considered the epicenter for yowie and ghost activity in the town.

As one might expect, the gathering did not encounter anything out of the ordinary during the walk, but a number of attendees expressed apprehension as they ventured close to locations connected to the tales of high strangeness.

Whether it was successful in recasting Joskeleigh in the eyes of Australians remains to be seen, but the walk already may have earned the title for world's weirdest ghost hunt in that it could be the first time such an event was held where purposely hoped to not see anything strange.

Source: abc.net.au

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