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Australian Town Invaded by 100,000 Bats!

Australian Town Invaded by 100,000 Bats!

The Australian town of Batemans Bay has been besieged by an incredible 100,000 bats that have made the unfortunate community their new home.

No one quite knows what drew the enormous colony of gray-headed flying foxes to the area, but residents have had enough of the unsightly visitors.

They particularly lament the incredible amount of noise created by the creatures as well as an overwhelming odor caused by so many bats occupy such a small area.

In fact, the swarm is so vast that it reportedly covers nearly every surface of the town and every tree in the community.

The problem has become so significant that an Australian wildlife official referred to the situation as a 'state of emergency' as townspeople are afraid to leave their homes lest they run afoul of the bats.

Unfortunately, authorities find themselves with an environmental dilemma as this specific species of bat is considered endangered so simply swinging several tennis rackets at the mass of animals is out of the question.

As such, they are considering nonlethal tactics involving smoke and noise to drive the bats away from the area.

Should the unorthodox methods prove futile, denizens of Batemans Bay will be forced to wait for the bats to move away on their own and no one knows how long that may take.

In the worst case scenario, where the bats opt to settle down in Batesman Bay for good, perhaps industrious town officials could rename the community 'Bat Bay' and start charging admission.

Source: Sky News

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