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Baby Monitor Spots Eerie Anomaly

A family in England were left bewildered when they looked at the baby monitor watching over the son and spotted what seems to be a ghost!

Mom Laura Haigh says that she and her partner Dean Evans weren't quite sure what to do when they noticed the eerie-looking anomaly seemingly climbing into their son Sebastian's crib.

When Evans rushed upstairs to check on the child, there was nothing of note in the bed that could account for the spooky oddity.

The usually skeptical man was rather unsettled after the incident and kept checking the monitor until the potential apparition disappeared.

For her part, Haigh says that she's not entirely surprised by the strange event as she had previously observed Sebastian waving at an unseen someone or something in his room.

She also claims that, in the past, she has heard unexplained sounds of children in their house and objects were found inexplicably moved, suggesting that perhaps they may be sharing their home with a precocious young spirit.

While that may make some families unnerved, Haigh says that she is not particularly worried about it, since Sebastian did not seem disturbed by his late night 'visitor.'

That may very well be the case, but when it comes time to find a nanny, the family may run into some troubles if the paranormal activity continues.

Source: Mirror

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