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Bald Men Targeted by Witch Doctors in Mozambique

Bald Men Targeted by Witch Doctors in Mozambique

Police in Mozambique are warning bald men to be on guard as miscreants have recently murdered five such individuals in ritual killings!

Similar to the plight that has befallen albinos in various African nations, authorities say that witch doctors have ascribed tremendous 'magical' powers to the head of a bald men.

Put simply, one official explained to the BBC, "the belief is that the head of a bald man contains gold."

While some smooth-scalped people may wish this to be true, it is, of course, merely a superstition that has somehow taken hold in recent weeks in Mozambique.

Investigators suspect that the decapitated heads are being brought to witch doctors who perform various rituals designed to extract the riches contained in the gruesome delivery.

As of now, two people have been arrested the murders and authorities are pursuing the possibility of other accomplices still being at large.

It is unknown whether the sudden targeting of bald men is the result of one creative-thinking witch doctor or a larger trend where people have realized that albinos aren't actually magical and, thus, they've had to turn to more 'exotic' sources.

Either way, any bald albinos in Mozambique probably want to get out of town as fast as they can.

Source: BBC News

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