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Behind the Veil, A Goblin Universe

Behind the Veil, A Goblin Universe

The uncanny appearances of paranormal creatures around the world may be due to a lifting of the veil between a "Goblin Universe" and our own, an expert in supernatural lore told Coast to Coast AM host George Noory.

On C2C researcher and author Ronald L. Murphy, Jr. said that numerous sightings throughout the ages of these paranormal archetypal beings– be they Bigfoot, ghosts or werewolves – are not only part of our collective unconscious but may be traversing from a parallel world or a separate dimension to our own reality.

Fascinated with local Bigfoot sightings as a child, Murphy said he decided to investigate supernatural lore using scientific methods.

"I've always been fascinated with the idea of the collective unconscious …this collective soul of humanity," he said, citing psychologist Carl Jung's writings.

While in graduate school, Murphy told C2C that he recalled seeing a strange but familiar looking creature seemingly hidden in a medieval manuscript dating back thousands of years.

"There tucked away in the corner of the marginalia was something that looked like Bigfoot," he told George, adding that his own professor had actually pointed out the legendary creature's image lurking in the medieval manuscript to the entire class.

Seeing recurrent imagery in other traditions, Murphy began his quest to comprehend the unfathomable.

"Then, I'm starting to look at these images from around the world – of these hairy men, these wild men, archetypal figures – and I thought why do these cultures from the Orient, from Africa, from the South Pacific – why are we having these same type of images?"

Going back to the Dawn of Man, Murphy said, "I can imagine our ancestors telling tales around the fire about the things that go bump out in the night."

Despite the safety of the fire, "in the dark, those things could kill you," he added.

"We're still haunted in the force of our mind even to this day by what our ancestors had to go through."

His investigation into the lore of the faerie realm also yielded fresh insight. "Those images were cropping all over the place," he divulged.

"If you needed to have one blanket statement to cover everything about all the things going on in the paranormal world – whether they be UFOs, whether they be Bigfoot – you can say they belong to a Goblin Universe."

"There's this underlying world - whether you call it another dimension, the other world - that every now and then bleeds through to our world - for whatever reason."

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