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Bevy of Mysterious Crop Circles Appear in Argentina

Authorities in Argentina are investigating a strange series of crop circles which mysteriously and suddenly appeared one morning earlier this month.

An astounding 15 of the formations were discovered in the town of Carmen de Areco, leaving local residents and officials baffled.

Unlike classic crop circle cases which boast one or two fantastic formations, the scene in Argentina in quite remarkable for its simplicity.

These particular formations are merely rings that had somehow formed in the fields and, strikingly, all seem to measure the same size.

That they all sprung forth over the course of one night is also rather intriguing, since such an endeavor would likely require a considerable amount of time and effort.

According to media reports, the mayor of the town actually enlisted the help of Argentina's UFO Study Commission which is part of the nation's air force.

Grass samples from the circles were allegedly recovered by investigators with the hope of having them analyzed by agricultural experts in Buenos Aires.

Amazingly, the mayor purportedly told the press that an alien source for the circles was still being considered as a possibility.

To that end, UFO enthusiasts have speculated that perhaps the circles were formed by UFOs landing in the area.

Whether they were caused by numerous craft or just one 'student driver' ET learning how to land a flying saucer remains open to speculation.

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Source: Daily Star

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