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Bevy of Unmarked Graves Found Via Dowsing?

Bevy of Unmarked Graves Found Via Dowsing?

A Minnesota man claims to have discovered hundreds of unmarked graves that he found using the ancient art of dowsing, but officials in one city aren't quite convinced.

Bob Riepe has been practicing the divination technique since 2012 and says that an examination of the graveyards in his hometown of Perham revealed over 300 forgotten burial plots.

Spurned on by these alleged finds, Riepe turned his attention to the nearby city of Bluffton after spotting an undeveloped square on an old map of the area.

A subsequent dowsing of the location, which is now part of a city park, confirmed his suspicions that there were also unmarked graves at that site.

However, an attempt to get the city to recognize that portion of the park as a graveyard has been met with resistance from Bluffton officials due to the esoteric means by which Riepe found the purported plots.

"As a city, we need to look at what is scientific," Bluffton mayor Tim Pavek told the Pioneer Journal.

Reipe's research is now in the hands of Bluffton city attorneys, who will consider what steps may be taken to confirm the findings.

Until then, perhaps Reipe can turn his attention to another town in his state that may be more open to his technique: Remer, Minnesota otherwise known as the 'Home of Bigfoot.'

Source: Pioneer Journal

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