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Big Changes Coming to American Currency

Big Changes Coming to American Currency

After setting off a firestorm of discussion last Summer by announcing plans to feature a woman on the $10 bill, the Treasury Department is poised to reveal a widespread number of other additions to America's currency.

It appears the initial plan has been shelved in favor of keeping Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill and putting Harriet Tubman on the twenty.

Current resident of that spot, Andrew Jackson, is believed to be moving to the back of the bill.

Beyond those denominations, the Treasury plans to radically redesign both the $5 and $10 bill.

According to Politico, the backside of the bills will showcase leaders of the women's and civil rights movements as well as "other important moments in American history."

Unfortunately, we cannot show you the new designs for the bills because they have not even been created yet and, amazingly, will not be revealed until 2020.

Incredibly, it will take also another decade for the money to enter regular circulation throughout the country.

Consider it a reboot for American currency as it attempts to stave of what will likely be an even more cashless society in the future.

Source: NYTimes / Politico

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